Tuesday, April 14, 2009

15 Cornrows!!!

OMG! It took me over 2hrs to do 15 darn braids! My new growth and the length of my hair was getting so tangled in the process! I was getting so frustrated i wanted to start pulling and yanking! But I calmed down. I'm keeping these braids in for 2 months at least cause i cant go through this again anytime soon! I have 5 more months and I'm hoping i make it. I just couldn't believe how my hair was acting up. I know i should expect this, this far into my stretch, but these cornrows will help me finish this stretch. I didn't lose much hair in the process just a pea size ball of hair and that's good. I sprayed some surge on my hair to help detangle my roots. I will be washing my braids weekly with a DC like i been doing. Applying MTG and Surge, Moisturizing with Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion or S-Curl and sealing with JBCO. That's it! I just had to vent about what i just been through.

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