Friday, September 30, 2011

My hair refuses to hold a curl! Relaxer Update & Set Back!

I relaxed my hair Sept 2 and I did my usual routine. I air dried and then flat ironed it. After that I curled it with my big curler in spiral curls. Before I got a chance to curl the other side of my head the curls would be almost gone. I clipped my ends, Well.... You can say I cut my hair cause I took 2 1/2 inches off of some parts of my horrible looking ends. I just cut them a couple months ago but this time I tried to get rid of all the nasty looking tips. My hair is no where near even. LOL. I chopped it up bad. My left side has always been longer than my right but this time you can really tell, so I keep my hair in buns until it grows out.

I started using MTG again to help speed up the growth process. Just found a local store that has the 32oz bottle for $15! I no longer have to spend $25+ for it online. So I applied it twice starting last weekend. Going to use it Sunday and Wednesday after wash days. Going to do this until Mid Dec then Im going to relax my hair and the end of Dec.

Im hoping to be BSL again by Dec. Right now Im only APL so I had a HUGE set back. I does not bother me that much cause I want healthy hair more than anything. I need to look for a product that helps with porosity control. I never used anything like it before and maybe thats what my hair needs right now. Any recommendations?

Leave any suggestion you might have. HHG Ladies!!!