Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jazzing *Ruby Red*

This post was on my other blog but decided to add this one here. Yep I'm considering adding some color to my hair! I want to do it soon to avoid possible damage from the relaxer I'm getting in Sept. I'm thinking of an auburn color or maybe a little lighter since my hair is a dark color and might show up really well. I'm sitting here right now with Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol deep conditioner in my hair and will rinse it out in the morning. After i rinse that out i will put the Jazzing in and sit under my hooded dryer. I will then Shampoo with Kids Organics. I will rinse in the sink since i don't want to have dye stains all over my tub. After that I'm going to put Silk Elements Moisturizing Treatment. I want all the moisture i can get cause I'm going to need it. I'm only adding color to a portion of my hair in the front. I'm ready for a change cause I'm so bored with my hair! I will post pics when i get a good shot of the color. Until next time Tah-Tah

~Lets Grow Healthy Hair~

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