Thursday, January 21, 2010

NYX Cosmetics Sale!!!

If you didn't already know, ladies NYX is having a great sale right now! They are selling a ton of stuff for $1! YES $1! The only bad part about this sale is the shipping. To me they wanted $14.95. That is crazy! Luckily I had a really good friend pay for my order. The shipping was really getting to me cause that is a lot. The shipping will be different depending where you are so check it out. The sale started 1/15/10 and ends 1/25/10 so hurry.

Anyway, Other than that I ordered some Chrome Eyeshadow, Some Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow and a couple of their lip glosses and lipsticks. I will do a haul on YouTube when they get here. I am so excited yall. I didn't get any of the Jumbo pencils cause They sell them in my area. Not for $1 but I was trying to get the stuff I don't have access to locally.

I am a true beginner when it comes to makeup so I will be looking to yall for some advice. I was thinking about doing vids on how I apply my makeup so you ladies can see what I'm doing wrong and help a sister out.

Head on over to NYX and let me know what you decided to get or not get.