Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Relaxed my hair after 9 months post (Quick Update)

Yep I relaxed. I didnt take any length pics yet but I will. I relaxed on the 2nd of June. Here is two pics of how I wore my hair to my baby sis graduation. The humidity got the best of my hair. I used flexirods (grey ones) all over and a magnetic roller on my bang. I will do this style again soon and will take pics before going outside. lol. Oh and whoever said flexirods = no sleep was not lying. They are worse than sleeping with bantu knots all over your head. But the results were great so I will go through it again :) Well I just wanted to update yall on whats been going on. Oh yeah I had my daughter on the 25th of May exactly 3 weeks ago. Im back now so look forward to more YouTube vids and blog posts. Until next time.....Happy Hair Growing!