Tuesday, April 14, 2009

15 Cornrows!!!

OMG! It took me over 2hrs to do 15 darn braids! My new growth and the length of my hair was getting so tangled in the process! I was getting so frustrated i wanted to start pulling and yanking! But I calmed down. I'm keeping these braids in for 2 months at least cause i cant go through this again anytime soon! I have 5 more months and I'm hoping i make it. I just couldn't believe how my hair was acting up. I know i should expect this, this far into my stretch, but these cornrows will help me finish this stretch. I didn't lose much hair in the process just a pea size ball of hair and that's good. I sprayed some surge on my hair to help detangle my roots. I will be washing my braids weekly with a DC like i been doing. Applying MTG and Surge, Moisturizing with Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion or S-Curl and sealing with JBCO. That's it! I just had to vent about what i just been through.

Its more than a trim!!!

Hey Ladies, I have some terrible ends. My hair needs to be cut. I say cut and not trim cause i think about 1-2 inches need to come off. I'm so pissed right now at myself. Every time I look at me ends i get disgusted. Its my fault cause before i came to this site I got lazy with my hair and didn't moisturized or wore scarfs at night. On top of that I reached my next goal of BSL and now i have to start over. I think i would have reached MBL or close by my next relaxer in Sept. I am so pissed off right now. I'm going to trim my hair myself cause i don't trust anyone else in my head with scissors in their hands. Right now I'm trying to decide if its best to do it on wet or dry hair. Ladies what you think?


I took my braids out last night and was suppose to DC overnight last night, but it took me 3 hrs to take out 15-20 braids! My hair was so thick and out of control! I was trying to take pics of my hair but the pics did not show the true thickness. I showed my hubby and he said my ponytail was thicker and longer than it showed in the pic so i guess i will have to wait until Sept to take some pics.

Anyway the whole point of this blog is that i used half a jar of the Mega Cholesterol just now trying to DC. My hair is so thick that I think if i DC like this again(with my hair out) I will finish this jar! I always used the DC with my hair in braids so I never used that much. But i like the feel of my hair when its out after using my products. When I'm in braids i not as fun!...lol. Am i the only one that uses so much product at one time!?! I'm glad the Mega Cholesterol is about $4.50 at Sally's and not $10.99 cause then i would not know what to do. My next DC will be in braids. I might not do it like this again for about 2 months from now. I will try to take pics of my new growth after i air dry.

For the ladies with really really thick hair do you use more of a product or even finish a product after only a couple of uses? What do you do to stretch your products? I think i will have to just DC in braids most of the time to stretch mine. Any other suggestions?

Chapter 3

I'm half way through my year stretch and wanted to post about the new products i have and tried.

I have started using the Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol and i must say it is the bidnezz!!! My new growth after 6 months post was so soft i could not believe it! I'm going to use that from now on cause nothing got my new growth and hair that soft in a long time. I DC with it over night and Shampoo with Creme of Nature and it detangles my hair so well. I'm going to DC with the Olive Oil Replenishing Pak(ORS)tonight and see what results i get and I'm going to use the Silk Elements Moisturizing Treatment for about 5-10 mins and rinse out. Since my hair is in braids i don't know how soft it will get my hair if at all. But I'm going to use it anyway. I like to feel the results of products i use. I guess with the braids it helps me keep my hands out my hair. I miss my hair so much!

I have been using so much moisture this past 2 weeks i need to use ORS for a lil protein. All in all my hair seems to be doing OK. I have alot of new growth and i was surprised that it was so soft. Then when i twisted it to air dry my hair was so fluffy and the smell was great! I kept sniffing my hair!...lol. I just wanted to update how things are going. I'll chat with yall in my next post!

Im just adding previous blog posts

These posts are from another site i blog on. I just want to make sure yall know everything I have been doing during that time. So you will see alot of posts back to back.

Product Update

Hey Ladies! Yep the product junkie in me showed its ugly head yet again! But this time I'm glad it did because I'm loving these products. Yesterday i purchased two products that was recommended to me One of the products was Creme of Nature Shampoo( Red Label ). This shampoo detangled my hair great. My hair was still a little tangled but nothing like what it would have been with any other shampoo. This will be my staple shampoo from now on. The other product was Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol all i can say is WOW!! I did an over night deep condition with it my hair felt so soft when it was rinsed out. Oh and the smell was so wonderful. I rinsed the deep conditioner out and washed my hair with the Creme of Nature. Then i put Aphogee two minute in for about 5 mins rinsed that out twisted my hair so it could air dry and when it was dry it felt like butter. I'm going to do this process twice a week rotating with every wash the Olive Oil Replenishing Pak as a deep conditioner. I also bought the ORS in the bottle not Pack.

I braided my hair in some cornrows about 20. Added MTG moisturized with S-curl and sealed with Castor oil. I will do this process until my braids grow out.