Thursday, December 31, 2009

I decided to do my top 12 products for 2009. I had a hard time deciding the order they should be in and still Im not happy with it but I love them all. 

12. MTG. It gave me growth and thickness. 

11. Long Term Relationship Conditioner is the best co washing conditioner I have. Leaves hair moisturized and smelling good.

10. GVP Silk Remedy. I never had Chi Silk Infusion but I love this product. Smells good and leaves my hair feeling silky.

9. Aphogee Pro Vitamin Leavin. Leaves my hair feeling great in combination with the other aphogee products I use.

8. Aphogee 2 min is another good product that will move on with me into 2010.

7. Ahphogee Green Tea helps a lot with breakage. loves it.

6. Olive Oil Replenishing Pak is a great protein deep conditioner. Its the only one I use.

5.Creme of Nature Shampoo detangles my hair so well. I never thought detangling could be so easy.

4. Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment is the best moisturizing deep conditioner I use so far. It leaves my hair smelling god and feeling so soft.

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil does the job when sealing in moisture. 

2. S-curl mosturizes so well that it will most definitely move on to 2010.

And the #1 product to "ME" .......drum roll

1. Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion is awesome. That silky feeling it gives my hair plus the moisture it provides. This product will be with me not just till 2010 but until they remove it off the shelves.

Well that's my Top 12 products for 2009. What is yours?