Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chapter 3

I'm half way through my year stretch and wanted to post about the new products i have and tried.

I have started using the Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol and i must say it is the bidnezz!!! My new growth after 6 months post was so soft i could not believe it! I'm going to use that from now on cause nothing got my new growth and hair that soft in a long time. I DC with it over night and Shampoo with Creme of Nature and it detangles my hair so well. I'm going to DC with the Olive Oil Replenishing Pak(ORS)tonight and see what results i get and I'm going to use the Silk Elements Moisturizing Treatment for about 5-10 mins and rinse out. Since my hair is in braids i don't know how soft it will get my hair if at all. But I'm going to use it anyway. I like to feel the results of products i use. I guess with the braids it helps me keep my hands out my hair. I miss my hair so much!

I have been using so much moisture this past 2 weeks i need to use ORS for a lil protein. All in all my hair seems to be doing OK. I have alot of new growth and i was surprised that it was so soft. Then when i twisted it to air dry my hair was so fluffy and the smell was great! I kept sniffing my hair!...lol. I just wanted to update how things are going. I'll chat with yall in my next post!

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