Monday, November 23, 2009


Ladies and gents, I'm having a very "what I call" severe acne problem! Below is a pic of my left cheek. I'm having this problem on my right cheek and forehead also. Since my hormone balance has changed significantly, I have broke out very bad. Its really messing with my self esteem. Posting a pic here was very hard cause I'm embarrassed by it but I would like to show what I'm dealing with. Hopefully I will be able to compare a future pic of clear skin to this horrific one. I'm so use to having clear skin and for this to happen to me is keeping me down. As you can see dark spots appearing now. I need something that is inexpensive and is guaranteed to work. I was looking at Proactiv but there product bottles are only 1 or 2oz. That does not seem like much at all. Anyone know if that stuff really works? Have you tried it yourself? How long before you seen noticeable results? Do you know of any home remedies that will get the job done?