Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally Relaxed!!!

Relaxer day finally arrived. I relaxed on 3/8/11. I had a setback and did not keep any of the growth I had. I also lost some thickness. For some reason I'm not even mad about it cause it was all my fault. I neglected my hair and knew the consequences of doing so and ignored it. I consider this a lesson learned.
I used Organic Root Stimulator Relaxer regular strength. I used everything in the box except the wrap lotion. After rinsing out the relaxer, I left the protein treatment in my hair for about 2hrs without heat under a plastic cap. I applied the ORS Moisturizing Hair Lotion and GVP Silk Remedy in my hair evenly then air dried half way through. I blow dried the rest of my hair. The following day I straightened my hair and wrapped it. I didn't not apply anything else to my hair prior to doing that. My hair felt so soft and was so bouncy. I needed a trim VERY badly and did that the next day. Yes this was a three day process. I did not trim my hair to get it even, just to get rid of the split/damaged ends. I trimmed about 1 1/2 inches off in most areas. I wanted my hair to be healthy and that is more important than length. With healthy hair, length is sure to follow. I noticed in the back my hair is shaped in a W! I did say I had a setback, Maybe I should have said a HUGE setback. From this day forward I will start back treating my hair like silk. Excuse the quality of the videos. It was just something i decided to do real quick with the front facing camera on my HTC Evo. My next blog will be on my new regimen.

            My Hair Texture while air drying. Whats my texture?

Hair Completely Dried

Hair Straightened

Hair Straightened

                       This video is my hair almost air dried

             This video is my hair Blow dried and Straightened

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