Sunday, March 14, 2010

6 Months Post Relaxer!

This 6 months went by so fast! I didnt even realize it until I checked my counter. I think I might go a year again. Since Im pregnant Im not going to relax right now. By the time she arrives it will be hot as all hell and sweating out a relaxer is not the So I think Im going to relax in Sept for my B-day as usual. My newgrowth is getting out of hand so Im going to end up braiding it up next month and leave it braided until the end of June.

I just wanted to update yall on whats going on. Im trying to get over this cold and somethings thats been going on with my family. But Im back and will hopefully have another YouTube video up on the deep conditioner process soon.

Until then Muahhhhhh!


Hairs2Me said...

congrats on the pregnancy! Good luck on that stretch...dunno if I could do it :)

Hair Strandz said...

Hello S-hair! Thanks for your comment! I did a deep condition yesterday so the shedding has stopped. Hopefully it stays this way.

LaQT/ Ty said...

Wow,6 months and your still gonna wait a few months? Kudos to you. I can't wait to see all of your ng when it's all said and done.Look forward to the baby pics!!! Keep us updated.

Hair Strandz said...

Hey LAQT! I will make sure to keep yall updated on whats going on. I keep my hair bunned up now. Going o braid it up within the next couple of weeks and leave it till she arrives.