Monday, June 8, 2009

Sally's Beauty Card

Do any of you ladies have one? I have always been asked if I had one when I visit the Sally's Beauty Supply store but said no and just paid for my items. I did not know it was only $5 and I thought they were only for people who are licensed cosmetologist. What I'm trying to understand is the example they have on the Sally's site where they show the card number and circle the last 3 digits and then says YOUR PRICE $3.89 each. Is that the amount that will determine how much you pay for a product no matter what the price or what? Does everyone have the same 3 digit number at the end?

Help me better understand this card and savings. If you can answer the 2 previous questions and the following including any other info you have on the Beauty Club Card by Sally's. I would really appreciate it!

***Sally Beauty Club Card***

* Do you have one? Which one, Basic or Pro?
* Is it worth having?
* How much are you saving on average with every purchase?
* Do you find yourself visiting Sally's more often since you had it?
* Do you still get the $5 certificate if you got the card from the store? Or is this just an online offer?
* How often are these certificates sent to you? What do you have to do to get them?


Unknown said...

the club card saves you money. there are always two prices on every product in sally's, and the 1st is the regular price sans card, the 2nd the price with a card.
Hope that helps

Hair Strandz said...

Thank You Bibiana! I got the card and Im glad I did. Every cent of savings count! I don't regret I that I got it. If you shop at Sally even every once in a while this card will pay for itself through the savings!

dustyrose said...

Does the card for Sallys cost the same online as it does in the store. online they ask for $5.00

Hair Strandz said...

Hello Dustyrose, Yes the card costs $5 in the store.

Anonymous said...

The card cost the same when you purchase online or at the store which is $5. It helps, I like to visit sallys every other month at the least. They have new benefits that are going to be effective in August 1st online and August 15th in the store, instead of paying for the advertise price you actually pay the 'member price'.,default,pg.html

Ashley said...
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Unknown said...

Nice post.!! Sally Beauty club card is really a nice way to enjoy shopping and save money.