Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Flat Iron

I need to post this cause I'm in need to either more expensive, better quality flat iron or practice roller setting. During my process I encountered a snag with my flat iron that took out several stands of hair that i could not undo without breaking my hair off. I was trying to undo this for about 10 Min's until I realized that It was impossible.

The Flat Iron I was using is the only one I have which is the Andis Multi Heat Ceramic. This Iron gets my hair so straight and silky but the snagging is a big problem. I go through this snagging every time I use it but never loss this much hair at one time. I got this flat iron from Walmart for under $15 and it does straighten. Now I'm looking into getting a CHI, FHI, Sedu or Maxiglide. Since I wont be flat ironing anymore during this stretch so I have time to get a new one.

***What do you recommend?***

* Maxiglide
* Other ( Which one )


Ebon120 said...

I just bought the Andis flat iron. I will pay extra attention not to snag my hair. The Andis is really great. I bought that flat iron because I had just read an article about how the flat iron industry is really taking our money with these overpriced flat irons. When really, it depends on the user as to not over heat the hair and what type of products you use to iron the hair. I think I made a smart financial buy when I purchased Andis. The others are just waay to expensive. The Maxiglide, I did have that and it worked for about a year then it was a steady progression to malfunctioness. And it started to have a really bad burning hair smell. See Maxiglide has alot of holes in the inside panel, and over time your hair products will build up and clog in the wholes. I have cleaned that flat iron a million times and I could not get it totally cleaned. And I was not burning my hair. The maxiglide is heavy in your hand as well. So my suggestion would be to stay away from Maxiglide and seek out something else. And thanks for this post, I will be very aware not to snag with my Andis, which I love.

Hair Strandz said...

Hey Cody120! I love how straight the Andis gets my new growth but the snagging is a pain. Maybe mine is defected I dont know.

Hairlicious Inc. said...

I'm currently on the look out for a new flat iron as well. I have my eye on a Sedu or CHI

Anonymous said...

I have a GVP which is the Sally's brand compared to the Chi. I like it alot its one of the best flat iron I've owned. But lately I had my eye on the Sedu and thinking about getting it by August.