Thursday, June 4, 2009

GVP Silk Remedy Product Review!!!

So what yall bee n waiting for.... The GVP Silk Remedy Review! What I will say right now is I cant keep my hands out of my ponytail! My hair feels so silky an soft and not at all coated or weighed down. I love love love this product! It is a very good product and I can honestly say I do not plan on buying the original CHI Silk Infusion anytime soon, cause this products works great! My hair smells great and feels wonderful. What I did when using the product after washing and conditioning are as follows.

* I shampooed with Creme of Nature(Red Label)
* Rinsed
* I then Conditioned with HELTR
* Rinsed
* After that I applied the Aphogee 2 min reconstucter and left it on for 10 mins
* Rinsed
* Then I applied my leave-ins and detangled
* I applied Aphogee Green tea and Aphogee Pro Vitamin Leave -in
* I then applied my new BFF GVP Silk Remedy
* I air dried half way then blow dried the rest.
* Finally I flat ironed and put it in a ponytail tied down and that's how my hair is right at this moment.

All I did for right now is wrap a satin scarf around my edges until I go to sleep so my pony tail is hanging down. When Its time for bed I will put my silk bonnet over my ponytail.

That's it ladies! I'm so glad I decided to try this product. Any questions ladies leave a comment. I love this product and its my staple


Trellis said...

I absolutely love this as well. I've been using it for about a month now, and I was sceptical at first, but what sold me was the lady at the beauty supply told me to smell it... and it definatley smells like the CHI to me. LOVE IT, thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I too use this product and love it. When I heard that a nickels size amount was was definitely enough, I could feel the silkyness on my wet hair! I go through almost the same steps as you execept I wash w/ Aphogee Deep Moisture, everything else is the same. My hair comes out like I just came out of the salon w/ swang and everythign when ever I blow dry w/ round brush.

Hair Strandz said...

I use this stuff on my hair wet or dry. I love the smell and I would use just a little to give my hair a great scent. I cant wait to see how my hair will turn out after using it with a fresh relaxer!