Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wigs and the Summer!!!

I must say that wigs are not that comfortable to wear in the warmer months. You will most likely sweat more and your wig will look tacky. But I must say I love my wigs! They are the only protective style I could wear without my hair looking boring. I wore my wig this weekend for my sons B-Day and Memorial Day and It was OK, since it was not all that hot. I still have my box braids in my hair and I just braided them back, and threw my wig on along with my eye and face makeup and was out the door. I guess half wigs would be a better route but since I'm about 8 months post relaxer and if I sweat just a little my new growth will look like a jungle. I guess I'm going to stick to these box braids for the rest of this stretch.

***For the ladies that are wearing the wigs this summer***

* Are you wearing full or half wigs?
* How many weeks post relaxer are you?
* How are you managing your new growth, the heat and wigs from day to day?

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LaQT/ Ty said...

I am a huge half wig fan. I wear half wigs, full wigs don't look right on me. I have a few half wig reviews on my blog you should check them out.
1. I wear my hair cornrowed in either a beehive or 2-4 big cornrows going straight back. I spray my hair every other night with a leave-in spray and apply castor oil to my scalp as needed. Depending on my style I will either roll leave out hair, brush it straight back or do a mini-braidout nightly to help with blending.
2.I am currently 15/16 wks post. I am going for a full 24-26 weeks post.Normaly it's when I feel like it past 14+ weeks never before.
3. I don't really have to manage my ng, which is a 4-something by the way. I use really moisturizing products and castor oil help to soften and smooth it and I keep it braided under a half wig, bunned, or other protective styling. I have a protective style schedule on my page. Each style is weekly. So I only wear a half wig 1-2x a month.
Oh, and also as I do my half wig reviews I note how summer-friendly they are as far as blending, does leave out hair have to be straight(ng can act up if you are an avid stretcher and sweating), and length.