Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sally's Sale!!!

Don't we love Sally's sales! Well I just found this out and wanted to pass it along. (Thanks KISS) Anyway all month long Sally is having a sale on the GVP-Generic Value Products(2 for $10), Mane and Tail(BOGO), and Aphogee(2 for $15)

Im more interested in the GVP cause I would like to try the GVP Silk Remedy, which is suppose to be the generic brand to Chi Silk Infusion. The Chi Silk Infusion is very pricy for such a little bit of the product. I heard so many good reviews about the GVP Silk Remedy that I want to try it. Spending $8.50 for 6oz instead of $15 for 2oz is well worth the try!

When I try it I will post a review on it. So look out for it!


Gingy said...

I can't wait for your review on the GVP Silk Remedy. I've been waiting to try that out and I heard that it was really good too. I also want to try GVP Thermal Protection Spray.

OffdaShoulda said...

me too! i see a few have used this great gvp chi product. but its so expensive..can't wait to hear your results.