Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beaded Hair Combs....

I have been thinking about making these for some time now. People any hair type could wear them. Whether your hair is long, short, curly or kinky. They will be double beaded hair combs similar to hair zings or hair hugger but with my own little twist. I have the beads....I have swarvoski crystal, pearls, seed beads and so many others. Since this is a hair blog why not make some hair accessories to bring in the summer! I need to get some hair combs...I was thinking clear. I have a stretchy cord but it is white I need to get it in clear. Once I get this going and actually finish one I will post pics of it here. So stay tuned for that!


Morganna said...

Have you had any luck finding the hair combs?

I'm having a horrible time finding them in the metal wire type. :(

Problem was, I kept finding places where either they were un economical to buy, or only in the two inches.

I did manage to find this place.

But, they only sell to folks with a business licence, and I just need a few to see if I can actually make these things first. Sally's does buy stuff from them I noticed.

I was wondering if Sally's would possibly order what you wanted from them, if you asked. Do you think they would?

One thing I thought about doing is buying a package of ez combs, they are two for 10 bucks up at the dollar store, and destroy them and put them back together. This might be the option if I can't get a hold of the combs I wanted. Preferably the four inch or larger, since I have thick curly hair.

Hair Strandz said...

Hey Morganna! No I have not had any luck finding the hair combs. I was in Sally's but they only had the ones that are pre designed. I am checking out the site you mentioned and I'm looking at the hair combs and wonder if the twisted ones snag or pull on the hair. I like the double head bands also. I can put some nice beads between them the opening.

I wouldn't want to buy the EZ combs and then take it apart cause it seems like a waste of money.

I remember back in the day when those hair combs was so easy to find. They were in every BSS store and were only $1 for a pack of 4. Now its like the plain ones dont exist

Keep me posted if you find any and I will do the same. Thanks!