Thursday, March 17, 2011

Managing your ends

What are you doing to maintain those ends while wearing your hair down? I know I don't want to go through another trimming session anytime soon. Trimming an inch and a half or more (I call it a cut) is not something you want to do too often when you're trying to grow your hair. I moisturize at night and seal, but I don't think that's enough. I have not used heat again after relaxing. Maybe its time to start wearing protective styles now. I guess I enjoyed my hair enough. I'm thinking of bunning it up for 3 months straight. I might even use mtg while I'm bunning. I know my new growth will be out of control after the first month but I know all about how to handle that. I will post starting pics after the break. I'm going to try to use only this army shirt to track my progress. I would like to cover up the entire logo by the end of the year.

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Unknown said...

I'm so bad with my ends. It doesn't help that I've been sick for over 5 months though. But I'm scared to take a good look at my ends cause I just know I'm gonna need to trim off and inch or two. Boo!

Hair Strandz said...

I neglected my ends once again. I have been going through a lot lately and just didn't have time for my hair. not going to trim mine just yet. Going to wait until I relax my hair, whenever that is. Good luck with your hair Khalia!