Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some REAL Online Money

I know you are tired of hearing about these online job opportunities that either require a fee or a Twitter or Facebook account. Then on top of that people have to click the links in order for you to earn money. It can be very annoying and time consuming. 

Well finally here is a site that you just might like. The company is ChaCha. I know some of you may have heard of them and others may not have. Either way this is a real job to make money while sitting at home.

ChaCha was founded in 2006. ChaCha's mobile answers text service launched Jan 2008. This is a fairly new company that is growing quickly. 

 I have been an independent contractor for about 2 yrs. I work when I want for as long as I would like. No clocking in, no set hrs, no minimum balance before withdrawing your money, Which can either be paid monthly through your bank account or immediately through the debit card supplied. 

A lot of people pay their bills with the money they make ChaCha'n. 

The process is very simple. 1st you put in your application. Then you apply for the guide role you want or whatever is available. Once that is done you will watch a series of videos explaining ChaCha and its business and the different roles. There will be 3 question tests to follow each short video. After you have completed all steps including the multiple question test that you MUST pass to move on to the next step(must be fast at searching and finding the answer. Use a new tab) The final test is the actual live question test. You have to handle 10 questions the way they showed you in the previous videos. Once you are done with 10 they will tell you to sign out and they will email you your results. That was torture for me. I was nervous the entire time but it was so simple. Just have to pay attention. 

Now here is the link and info to put into the application. 

Click Here to apply. When you get to the box that says: ChaCha Guide Referral Email Address, put my email Make sure you type in my email. Copy and paste wont always work. I will add you as a friend and help you out if you need it. Any questions or concerns you may have. So add that email and you can message me from you profile.

Openings are limited so you must move fast before they close applications. 

What are you waiting for?!? Go Go Go!!! LOL. Let me know how things go. The pic below is my actual Visa debit card from ChaCha. Yes this site if official and is NOT a scam!


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