Monday, November 23, 2009


Ladies and gents, I'm having a very "what I call" severe acne problem! Below is a pic of my left cheek. I'm having this problem on my right cheek and forehead also. Since my hormone balance has changed significantly, I have broke out very bad. Its really messing with my self esteem. Posting a pic here was very hard cause I'm embarrassed by it but I would like to show what I'm dealing with. Hopefully I will be able to compare a future pic of clear skin to this horrific one. I'm so use to having clear skin and for this to happen to me is keeping me down. As you can see dark spots appearing now. I need something that is inexpensive and is guaranteed to work. I was looking at Proactiv but there product bottles are only 1 or 2oz. That does not seem like much at all. Anyone know if that stuff really works? Have you tried it yourself? How long before you seen noticeable results? Do you know of any home remedies that will get the job done?


Ambrosia said...

I tried Proactiv years ago. I noticed a difference within a few days. I received it as the free trial, but it was too expensive to keep up with, at least for me at the time. I could have sworn the bottles where a lot bigger than 1 or 2oz, though.

Some people said that after working great for them for a long time, their face got used to it and it stopped working. I didn't use it long enough to say.

I'm actually looking for something now. I think my issue is hormones as well. My right cheek looks a little bad, but my forehead looks horrible. :(

Marissa Lyn said...

Try using the Clean & Clear advantage acne control kit. This worked for me and its on the cheaper side. Also have you seen a doctor? If you haven't you should as they may advise you to take some medication topical or orally which may get rid of the problem quicker. Erythromycin is a good antibiotic that can be used directly on the skin or taken in tablet form.

Hair Strandz said...

@Maz I will have to talk to my doctor about the antibiotic. I know Clean & Clear is on the cheap side and will look into that also. Thank You.

Hair Strandz said...

@Ambrosia I heard so many mixed reviews about Proactiv. Some say it works some say it does not. Others say after a while it stops working like you mentioned.

I recently read about mayo clearing up skin. I have to research that more. Thanks ladies for your input.

Hairs2Me said...

I was having a horrible time of it recently. I'd say go gentle instead of with all the arsenal lol. I don't know your skin type so I can't tell you specifically what to do.

What I did was:

1. cut out almost all sugar (esp juice...did only water)
2. I got the real vitamin E oil (from my local health food store) for the night time for dryness. Used it before bed after I washed my face. I use Cetaphil moisturizer for any other time.
3. Cut down washing my face with cleanser (soap) to once per day (at night before bed). Plus I use Cetaphil cleanser for sensitive skin which doesn't even sud much. Then in the morning just wash with cool water and a wash cloth. I first saw this on Oprah and been doing it ever since.

As Maz said, you should see a doc if this is bothering you a lot and you want to get rid of this quicker. I know retin-A will take all your blues away =)

Hair Strandz said...

@S-hair Thanks for stopping by. First of all Im loving how silky and shiny your ponytail is in your avi. So pretty.

My skin is very oily so I think adding more oil will not be good. lol. Girl Im trying to cut down on the sugar intake. I was doing so good with it in the warmer months now it seems I drink whatever I get my hands on. As far as using a cleanser goes I only use it on my face once a day when removing my makeup. Other than that I like using plain water. Im still considering the Doc suggestion.

Thank You for your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

KayTee said...

You should really try oil rinses.

I've been having breakouts and stuff for a few weeks now and when I started doing oil rinses and washing with African black soap they cleared up.

I talked about it a little in one of my blog posts:

And they talked about it on BHM too:

Hope this helps!


Hair Strandz said...

Hey SoSassy. Thanks for commenting. I hear a lot about this black soap. Im going to look for it locally and give it a try.

Dwana said...

ProActiv is GREAT for some people and the exact opposite of others. I mean people end up with worse skin conditions. Why? Its the active ingredient: Benzoyl peroxide A lot of people are allergic to it and this is how they find out. You could always try to find a cheaper brand in the stores just to see if you have a reaction because from what i heard they are easily returned. My mall has a ProActiv vending machine...yes a vending machine but they say NOTHING about returns. Anyway, people who are allergic to Benzoyl peroxide try products with the main ingredient Salicylic acid.

I didn't add any brands because there are so many. Best tip is to find a light oil control lotion for your face and use it twice a day (or after every wash.) Also apple cider vinegar is a great choice for your complexion. Good luck. It doesn't look so bad, though. I've seen faces that look like who-did-it-and-ran. You're not that bad.

Lastly, I agree with sosassy. I ♥ black soap! Between that and shea butter I better neva do nuthin to get put in jail. My baby soft skin is hawt! LOL No seriously, African Black Soap is great on my skin and face. I don't use the store fake soap. I get the real bulk chunk with twigs and...grains?

Hair Strandz said...

Hello Dwana, Thank you so much for responding. I am scared to try Proactive cause I dont need to breakout any more. But I would love to try the Black soap. Where do you purchase yours from?

Anonymous said...

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KSSN said...

I use black soap by ultra. It's not the real black soap but it works for me. I purchased it from wal mart in the "black section" I used baking soda 3 times a week as a scrub. I use witch hazel as a toner. These items are cheap!

Hair Strandz said...

MommyKE I have the Ultra black soap and using it now. I hope it clears up the dark spots. The bumps are gone. Would the witch hazel help with the dark spots?