Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Summer Heat and Its Downfalls!!!

When the temp gets in the upper 90's even hitting 100 is terrible. My hair has suffered from it tremendously. My hair gets incredibly dry and I get very lazy and the two don't mix. When I become lazy I neglect my hair. So I don't moisturize like I should. Even though I wear wigs they can cause you to sweat ALOT. The stocking cap does not help at all but I have to use it due to the combs snagging my hair without it.

Well I just made a mixture Im going to use on my hair until relaxer day. It consists of Glycerin, water, and Wave Nouveau Finishing lotion. I was going to add some peppermint oil, and Rosemary oil to it but the smell of peppermint was to over powering with only 5 drops so I decided not to add it this time. I just used it on my braids and my daughters hair and I can say dry no more! I did add a lil bit to much to my hair cause it started running down my Now I know just a few squirts is all I need. It feels ok but Im going to see how long it will stay moist before applying it again. If your interested in the measurement of each product let me know. Until next time....

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LaQT/ Ty said...

Kind of similar to my moisture mix but I think using the Wave Nouveau in the glycerin mix would make my hair too limp and overloaded. Glad you improvised. I will mix up a concoction in a minute!