Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Hair Regimen

OK first off this is what "I" do and i am not a licensed beautician. I am going let that be known with each of my post. With that said here is my regimen.

I am relaxed. I relax my hair every 6mo. I wash my hair every week, sometimes every 2 weeks with my hair braided. I use minimal products on my hair. I moisturize daily and deep condition with every wash. Sometimes i will deep condition over night with a plastic cap and a scarf (satin). I wear wigs all the time which help with stretching my relaxer. I keep my hair in big box braids about 8 or maybe 10 cornrows going straight back under my wigs. I try not to comb my hair unless i am detangling, i don't use a brush. I dont massage my scalp as much as i should but will start back cause its good for promoting growth. Well thats all i do. I will discuss the produts i use in my next post.

Remember everything does not work for everyone! If you have something that works for you stick with it!

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