Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hey Diva's

I have not posted here in a lil bit, so I decided to post my plans these coming weeks. Well I think I'm going to relax my hair pretty soon. I was hoping to have it done before New Years but I'm not to sure about that. I'm going to use my trusted Precise relaxer normal strength. I am going to try to get may hair as straight as possible. I should have posted a pic of my pony yesterday but forgot. I will do it again and post the pic. It was just a very wild out of control ponytail. I had my edges tied down cause they are a mess and my bang was a braid-out. I didn't know what else to do with it cause it just has a mind of its own right now. lol. I did a moisturizing deep condition last week and plan to do a protein one soon.I also need to start back baggying cause my ends are getting a bit split. Once I do this relaxer things will be a little easier and manage.

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