Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eyebrow Threading

I have always wanted to try this technique. It is considered the best method according to love to know website. Here is what they have to say about it.

Eyebrow threading utilizes thread that is twisted around the hairs on the eyebrows. Then, the thread is pulled sharply, and every eyebrow hair attached to it is removed. The result is a very straight eyebrow line. The hairs that are removed are done so by the follicle, so the clean-looking results can last up to a few weeks.

Most beauticians will agree that eyebrow threading is better for a person’s skin that using hot wax to remove unwanted facial hair. The skin near the eyebrow region can be very sensitive, and using wax on it can lead to break-outs, skin irritation, or even burned skin. Also, hot wax can cause the skin to peel or become wrinkled. This is why using a method of removing unwanted eyebrow hair that does not involve the application of any sort of heated substance or chemical is seen as beneficial.

Using tweezers on eyebrow hair is basically the same as threading the hair, but a pair of tweezers is only able to capture one or two hairs at a time. Also, when using a tweezers, there is no guarantee that the hair will be pulled out by its follicle. Tweezing eyebrow hair can be a time-consuming process, and cannot produce an even eyebrow line the way threading can.

Using a razor to remove unwanted eyebrow hair is not recommended. Razors do not remove hairs from their follicles, and they are often difficult to control. An eyebrow shaped with a razor will most likely look strange and full of stubble.

It seems painful but so is waxing. If the results last weeks at a time I need to find a place near me that does them. Do any of you get this technique done? How is your experience?


blkprincess87 said...

I get my eyebrows threaded once every 2 or 3 weeks. The first time I tried it, it hurt a lot lol. The lady that does my eyebrows told me that the more you come back the less it will hurt. I do love how they look afterward but the pain is somethin I learned to deal wit.....

Hair Strandz said...

Hey BlkPrincess, I know that it will be painful but I like how precise and perfect they look after wards. Thanks for commenting!