Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I took my braids out last night and was suppose to DC overnight last night, but it took me 3 hrs to take out 15-20 braids! My hair was so thick and out of control! I was trying to take pics of my hair but the pics did not show the true thickness. I showed my hubby and he said my ponytail was thicker and longer than it showed in the pic so i guess i will have to wait until Sept to take some pics.

Anyway the whole point of this blog is that i used half a jar of the Mega Cholesterol just now trying to DC. My hair is so thick that I think if i DC like this again(with my hair out) I will finish this jar! I always used the DC with my hair in braids so I never used that much. But i like the feel of my hair when its out after using my products. When I'm in braids i not as fun!...lol. Am i the only one that uses so much product at one time!?! I'm glad the Mega Cholesterol is about $4.50 at Sally's and not $10.99 cause then i would not know what to do. My next DC will be in braids. I might not do it like this again for about 2 months from now. I will try to take pics of my new growth after i air dry.

For the ladies with really really thick hair do you use more of a product or even finish a product after only a couple of uses? What do you do to stretch your products? I think i will have to just DC in braids most of the time to stretch mine. Any other suggestions?

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